Diamond Instincts Baseball and Softball Academy

600 Waukegan Rd 107, Northbrook, IL 60062 US


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We are so PROUD of our story, where we came from, and what we stand for. DIAMOND INSTINCTS BASEBALL & SOFTBALL ACADEMY: Over 20,000 sq. ft. 17 cages DeMarini Demo House From day one, over five years ago, with a staff of two, our vision has been to insure that Diamond Instincts was the place for children whether they just want to have fun on their little league team, or be the star on their junior high travel team. Whether they dream about making the high school team, earn a scholarship to play in college, or the ultimate dream of being paid to play a child’s game as an adult, Diamond Instincts has the knowledge, the passion, ad the enthusiasm it takes to make those goals and dreams a reality! We tell our players to have passion and continue to try to get better! We have followed our vision and advice to do just that. We offer programs for all skill levels, for both boys and girls. Baseball and softball has shaped our lives. We love it and have learned so much from the game. People come here because we do not only develop baseball and softball players, we develop men and women. A father of a 17 year old baseball player said, “your students and their parents speak very highly of you, and their improved performance reflects your training. I refer to you as a role model for hard work and perseverance.” I feel so blessed to call this my job. I feel so blessed to have met so many great people. I feel blessed every time a young player comes running up to me to say hi. I feel blessed that I am surrounded by so many great coaches that follow the same dreams and passions as I do. And I feel so blessed every time a new, eager, young player starts his or her journey to fall in love with this great game. Our staff of two has now grown to over twenty. All of which have inspiring stories that can motivate young players to greatness. Because we have so many quality coaches, we have put together an Elite track on the baseball side. We wake up every day working to help our players realize their dreams and goals. We wake up every day trying to find new and exciting ways to teach skills and help players fight through the daily road blocks that jump in front of them on the field. We continue to try to be louder than the negative people, and dream killers that our players encounter on a daily basis, screaming that they can if they are PASSIONATE, if they LOVE what they do, and if they keep doing it! Because we believe that with DREAMS, DEDICATION, and DESIRE that anything is possible.

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