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719 S. State Street Chicago, IL 60605 US
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stablished in 2002, Enso is a vibrant and diverse community of karate practitioners and families based in downtown Chicago. All week long, students of all ages and from all walks of life come to train and gain the benefits from traditional martial arts and its core values of discipline, respect, self-improvement, and self-control. As one of the largest martial arts schools in Chicago, Enso welcomes new students, experienced practitioners, and visitors. The Dojo From its first 750 square foot training space on South Michigan Avenue, Enso is now headquartered in a 6,000 square foot facility at the edge of Chicago’s Loop neighborhood on South Wells Street. With an expansive wood floor, stunning views of the city, and a mix of traditional and modern decor, the Enso dojo provides a beautiful and welcoming space for martial arts practitioners. This location is easily accessible to public transportation and offers discounted parking nearby. In addition to its downtown dojo, Enso also offers classes at its location in Oak Park, IL and in many after-school programs. A dojo community, a family Led by husband and wife duo, Sensei Jay Nacu (4th dan) and Sensei Denise Nacu (3rd dan), Enso provides a nurturing place for students of all ages and levels to learn and grow through the study of martial arts. When they met on the training floor in 1996, they could not have known that karate would help bring them together and eventually form an organization that would bring Shotokan karate to hundreds of adults and youth. The best thing in life—doing what you love and sharing it with others Today, Sensei Jay and Sensei Denise lead a strong and dedicated team of instructors, assistants, and staff who have great passion for karate and a desire to share it. They have learned that students of all ages, even the youngest, can experience the fun, enjoyment, depth, and challenge of the martial arts. Meet Our Instructors Enso: a symbol of discipline, dedication, and balance Enso is a Japanese word signifying a circle and has no single, fixed meaning. It symbolizes a moment when the mind is free enough to simply let the body or spirit create. The brushed ink of the circle shows the expressive movement of the spirit in time. The enso circle also symbolizes strength, enlightenment, harmony, elegance, and the universe. For us, the enso represents our commitment to personal growth by providing quality programs that emphasize discipline, dedicated practice, and balance of body, mind and spirit. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step Interested in learning more? Just contact us to schedule a visit so that we can meet and you can have an opportunity to ask questions. Ready to enroll? Online registration is available. We look forward to meeting you! Register Online Our Dojo

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