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At Joga Bonito Soccer Club, we do things differently. We develop creative, technically proficient, and fiercely competitive soccer players who take chances and who create opportunities rather than play it safe. Focusing on the fundamentals (Hard Skills) and 14 World Class Soccer Skills, our proven training method builds confidence and creativity that stays with our players both on and off the field. Admittedly, Playing Beautifully is a change in tactic that can take some getting used to for some parents. Our emphasis is not on winning games, and even though our teams do win, we require our players to use technical perfection, play with a creative purpose, and use foot skills to generate space, all of which creates new opportunities.  The Portuguese slogan “Play Beautiful” was heard often in the early 2000s, when Eric Cantona, and other exceptional international players, made it their mantra. They made it their mission to emphasize the need to return beautiful play to the game of soccer and move away from the simple “play to win” tactics that had become all too common. OUR PHILOSOPHY ​Our philosophy is to encourage our players to make their own decisions, to take risks that they can learn from, to test their own personal limits, to create new situations, and to have the courage to be different. We emphasize that the technique to receive and strike, along with footskills (Hard Skills), are the priority for them. Mastering the Tactical part of the game (Soft Skills) will be much easier to master in time having first given the proper attention to fundamental (Hard Skills) development. We teach our players to win with class and lose with dignity. These principles work not only on the soccer field, but in everyday life.​ During the winter session of 2014-15, our players had several opportunities to ask the referee to reverse a call to be in favor of the opposing team. Our players learn to be honest even when it put them at a disadvantage. Despite our multiple divisional championships this winter, these moments are our best accomplishments. OUR TRAINING All team members are given equal playing time during games during the developmental years of U8-U14, because players that don’t play don’t develop. We are dedicated to making the players development the priority. ​ All players on all teams receive the same high-quality training. We offer a consistent training program, running three sessions per week, to give you the option to make the most training sessions. Over time, players are introduced to 14 World Class Soccer Skills, with hundreds of combinations, which they will be able to do in games and teach to others. Players trained by our method will see, learn and adapt to tactical play faster than others once they reach their high school and college years. Our training methods are more than just beautiful–they work!


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