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In our small town of Johnsburg we have a Soccer Club that provides a great soccer experience for many levels of play and player development. Our focus is on continuous improvement, physical fitness, and developing a love for the game. A brief explanation of each program follows: “In House” Recreational Soccer In this program we start at the kindergarten level and progress thru early grade school ages. We have parent coaches and compete against other internal teams from our own soccer club. We play eight games in the fall (August – October) and eight games in the spring (April – May). All players are input into a computer program which picks the teams. Parity is the goal, but it doesn’t always turn out that way. All players are expected to get equal amounts of playing time. Practice sessions are usually held one time each week and players are provided with additional training sessions conducted by our internationally recognized training company, Three Lions International. This program is a great introduction to the basic game of soccer and its fundamentals. Uniforms are supplied which the players always love. “Fox Valley” Recreational Soccer This program is available for those players that want to play soccer against other teams from other communities around our area in Northern Illinois. Teams are developed in two year age group increments. For example, eleven and twelve year olds would be playing on the same team as would thirteen and fourteen year olds. The skill levels can vary widely on these teams, as can the number of players on each team with larger numbers of older players. A different uniform is provided for our Fox Valley teams. The focus here is on continuing to play soccer and having fun at a somewhat higher level of play. White Lightning Travel Soccer Travel soccer is available for our boys and girls beginning at eight years old and older thru age nineteen. There are defined rules regarding ages allowed on each team so that teams compete against others their own age. We play teams from other communities in Northern Illinois and sometimes play in tournaments in other states as decided by each team and parents as the season develops. Ten games are played in the fall and ten games are played in the spring. The teams we compete against are divided into divisions based on skill level and experience in addition to their ages. This usually allows for greater fairness in these competitive matches. Each player receives a player pass from the league after birthdates are verified. This is to make sure each team brings its own players each week, no “ringers”, and to protect age appropriate play. Coaches are required to be licensed and certified. Travel teams have two professional training sessions each week conducted by our professional trainers and usually one additional session with their coaches. This allows for added skill and fundamental development regarding play, formations, footwork, shooting, passing and the like. Travel soccer players have special uniforms that vary depend on age. All players are asked to “try out” for the travel teams so they can be evaluated and placed on an appropriate team. Some of the areas assessed to determine placement are: speed, agility, skill level, attitude, and listening skills. Tryouts are designed to be fun and fair and players should not be intimidated or nervous…although we know that sometimes happens. It is a great personal experience and confidence builder. Referees who ref these games are required to be certified and complete annual training and certification work. The travel program usually results in the greatest talent and development growth for players. There is greater exposure as well which can be important if players want to continue to play in High School, College, or professionally.


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