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Our Philosophy: We want the players in our club to achieve success as a team and as individuals. We want our players to grow in confidence, skill and love for the game in a fun and competitive environment. This philosophy when mixed with parental support and the dedication and hard work from the players will equal success. We understand that soccer is only one of life's experiences, but we make every effort to make it a positive one. We know that we are not only developing our current players, but we are also influencing the next generation of players, coaches and fans. That is why we emphasize fair play, teamwork, hard work, sportsmanship, responsibility and let's not forget the fun! Our hope is that what our players learn on the field will help them achieve their goals off the field. Mission Statement: “To create a supportive culture where our youth have the opportunity to grow as skilled soccer players and as productive members of the community.” Our mission statement intertwines with our club philosophy and core values. These instruments serve as our compass to help guide us to becoming a premier soccer organization on and off the pitch. In order to achieve our mission we will meet the following objectives: Communicating to our players and parents that player development is a process and will not happen over night. Communicating to players and parents that making mistakes is ok. It is how we react to them that matters. We utilize the talents and knowledge of professional trainers to assist our coaches in raising the level of play in our teams as well as individual players. Using teachable moments in every practice and every game to reinforce the positive as well as reducing the negative. Encouraging critical thinking and problem solving skills so our players become more independent and confident players. Providing opportunities for building team chemistry and demonstrating the importance of team. Building a sense of community through community service projects. Connecting what happens on the pitch with what happens off of it. Following our core values. Our core values are what we believe to be important tenets of our organization Our core values do not change from year to year and are the foundation of what we believe. Our core values are: Sportsmanship, Dedication, Respect, Commitment, Team Spirit, Responsibility, Playing With Class, Friendship, Skill, Player Development, Teamwork, Support, Love Of The Game, Confidence, Caring, Pride, Leadership, Trust, Preparedness, Honesty, Reliability, Fun, Competitive, Hard Work, Goal Orientated, Pursuit Of Excellence, Creativity


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